Blog no.16: "Jeez, i'm crap at blogging."

Jeez, I'm crap at blogging. I blame my summary-fobia and twitter.

Loads of stuff has happened since my last blog, I can mention Klubbøya in August, a rather d.i.y. experience due to last minute booking and a packed programme at Revolver. I enjoyed it tremendously. It's always great to recieve so much goodwill from ones audience.

I can mention the KEM festival at Blå, a lovely gathering of people. I can honestly say the band and I have never been taken such good care of before. Apart from the fact that I got into a silly little cat fight with another lady who was performing towards the end of the evening, it was a close to perfect festival experience! Thanks to all involved.

I can mention my studio work; abit of bagpipes, alot of pitchbending, vocoder excitement, stomping of feet in bathrooms of keyboardists, cushion-fashioned vocalbooths, not so much blood, a tad sweating and a delightful lack of tears.

photo 7

just a little pointless photo for you there. I've recently been reading about the attention span of the average internetter, and supposedly it helps to break text up with photos... (what are we, 5 years old???)

And now to upcoming events!

I will be playing at the opening of Oslo Open. A festival where artists in "Oslo" "Open" their ateliers to the public. I will be playing this show with Julian (Droolian) Sommerfelt the beatboxer and Christian Skjønhaug the artist who also happens to be a bloody brill double-bass player! Really looking forward to this constellation and I am working on the arrangement of my songs for this trio as we speak. Oslo Open, 24th of September at Månefisken.

A rather mystified show coming up on the 9th of October at Parkteateret, which I'm not allowed to say much about yet. What I can say is that I'm looking forward to this particular gig ALOT!

And then we have the nostalgia-filled Mono hosting me in November. The 24th to be precise. Good good.

More to be announced.

Last but not least. I'd just like to make clear that I am no longer the lead singer in Fountainheads. After a couple of mis-informed introductions recently, I feel the need to publish this fact on the almighty world wide web (where most of the research on artists is done) In case anyone besides me cares about this little fun-fact, I quit the Fountainheads in febuary of 2008 to journey the world on my own two sized 36 feet. No drama, I just grew up.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'll be back soon with my blog no.17: "Jeeez, I'm still crap at blogging"

Be well.

Love Lucy. X

The blind brothers and Lucy Swann at John Dee!


Here we are (a lovely collage made by Geir Tandberg Steigan) at John Dee. My rather ravishing choir dressed up in references to Men in Black Blues Brothers Matrix The Specials Calvin Klein (cross out uncoolest at will). With a simple yet heart-renching choreography they backed me through my warm up set last Saturday. Thanks guys..

Next show coming up, at the "Why don't we do it in the road?" festival at Parkteateret, June 27th at 17'ish o'clock. A great initiative by the bartenders at Park.

Lotsalove Lucy.

Rather large vegetables



When i was younger and i had a fever, i always used to dream that i was trying to fit oversized vegetables in my mouth (go to for more information about me). I noticed that most live shots of me seem to incorperate this very same theme.
A very nice photographer called Eirik Yven sent me some photos from saturday's shows. Thought i'd post some here. Saturday was "Musikkens Dag". Me and my band:

started off the day at Youngstorget at 1430. The sun had just made it to the stage and we were ready to play. Was a lovely vibe at this particular venue. The sound was brill and it seemed as though the audience was in a good mood. The nose got a bit of a burn in the 25min we were on stage.
Then it was off to play my one woman show at Pilestredet. I've recently bought myself a trolly to avoid the cursing and sweating that often accompanies carrying heavy equipment round town. So i trollied my way over to Blitz. Slightly thirsty when i got there, i noticed my diva'ish disappointment build up when i was told there was no beer for the artists. Hmmph and sigh. Naamind, i was met by an extremely pleasant sound technician and very nice ladies in charge, and all was fine again. Pilestredet turned out to be a really fun show. Was a nice challenge doing everything myself. Had my Nordwave and my loopstation, so i was happy. Nice to feel at one with the stage, twas my space to fill. And people were smiling.
The next and last show was at Blå, and i had 15min to get there. So i asked my slave (read: brother) to help me out. As always he ended up carrying everything and i rode his bike. A couple of sibling tiffs later and we were at blå. And Blå was fabulous. It was the finale of my marathon around town and we all enjoyed it. A crowd of little people took the space in front of the stage and they turned out to be my favourite crowd members. They were dancing away while i shouted.

Blå had a smooth changeover method, dj between sets and they'd really attracted a strong crowd.
Sooooo, we all agreed it had been a successful day. God, i'm so f-ing pleasant. But only cause it's a true story.

Must also mention, Altaar and She Said Destroy. Two great acts that day.

See you again soon'ish.

Good News 'n' Lotsa Concerts

So, Anytime Soon is almost done and it's sounding bloody brill! A couple of tweeks still needed. Hopefully I will be releasing it to the radios before the summer stand-still (basically some of June and most of July) in Norway.

What else has been happening, oh yeah, concert coming up on the 18th of May at Parkteateret. The writer Øystein Wingaard Wolf will be releasing his new book Moskito on this day and has asked a handful of artists to play and celebrate with him. Should be fun.

Then, onto Musikkens Dag on the 6th of June.. A total of three concerts this day, Youngstorget, Pilestredet and Blå in that order! I will rummage around to see if i can find some extra energy to manage all this darting around from stage to stage. Am set on enjoying this day and all three concerts. The sets at Youngstorget and Blå will be with my full band and the set at Pilestredet will be a slightly lower keyed show with me and my loopstation. So you can choose.. A very rough estimation of times: Youngstorget 1330, Pilestredet 16 and Blå 21.

And ooh, must mention that I have a new member in my band, the lovely Odd Jensen on el-drums. He's been sampling and wav'ing away these past few days, and you'll get to hear the end result at the shows on the 18th and the 6th, which i choose to presume you are coming to!

Finally i would like to pay homage to my beautiful organ, an SP90 from Godwin. This organ was a giveaway on the net and it has been a trustworthy friend for the 2 years we spent together. I wrote my first songs for this project on it, it's quirky rhythm section and charming sounds inspired my whole sound. I sadly had to part with it due to size and weight. The insides were donated to a nice man who liked to build his own gadgets and instruments, a noble donation i think. And the frame was left standing in the hall of my old flat. Today I brought an axe and a brother to say my final goodbyes to my SP90.

An Organ's Lament

Oh, how thyne frame did stand so sturdy
As they carried you away
Twas the jingle jangle of your body
that mocked all sounds today

I was there, so they should know,
To hear your final play
And memories of bossa beats
don't ever fade away.


Anytime Soon on Youtube!

An amazingly restless 23rd of April 2009 sounds like this..

To Juggle

A Nordwave, a mini portable Stylophone organ, a Kaoss Pad, Protools, Macbook, A hot summerish day, coffee, cigarettes, lots of schoolwork to distract myself away from and hey presto. "To Juggle". Originally one of the first songs i wrote for this project, but have revisited the old version and re-recorded the whole thing. Hope you enjoy!

Back on track!

After a slightly mind-numbing easter, i'm back on track for today's concert at Dattera til Hagen! I've just moved to a wonderful part of the city of Oslo, forth floor, so literally and metaphorically on top of things now! Have uploaded a mini snippet of the album track "The Little Death" (or "Le petit mort" if i'm feeling pretentious) to myspace for your entertainment. And have just received some live videofootage from the lovely Bjørn Asgeirsson. He's been editing it in his spare time, which i gather is rather precious these days, so a big thanks to him for that. So far i've uploaded The Little Death to Youtube and will do the same with Anytime Soon and Turn It Off within the next few days.

Concert today, will be joined on stage by Preben (synthezizer), Julian (beatbox) and Christian (doublebass) and you are more than welcome!


I'm feeling it..


Photo: Kristian Krohg-Sørensen.

Bak meg, Christian Skjønhaug på bass. Flere live bilder ligger på myspaceurørtfacebook'en!

Andre nyheter:
Studio session med Julian på beatbox idag, ordentlig tøft ble det (merker jeg har vanskelig for å ikke føle meg som en 50 år gammel dame i mine valg av adjektiver). Fjong tabla-aktig lyd på refrengene! The little death begynner å bli en av favoritt låtene mine. Kommer til å legge ut små teasere av innspillingene her i bloggen snart!

Take care for now my lovelies!

Filled to the brim with Gym music..

I don't know who this Lady Gaga is, she's probably a lovely girl, but she's on repeat in my head and i'd quite like her to go now.

Recent news:
The lovely Bjorn is working very hard editing my video footage from last sunday's concert, so should hopefully have something ready next week.

I will be working in the studio on monday and tuesday with Christian, the doublebass, and Julian, the beatbox, working on The Little Death with both of them. Looking forward to that!

I have also started to concoct a plan for this summer, a "busking extravaganza of Oslo" if you like.. More info to come, when idea has simmered..

Take care for now!

lucyrow 2

Uploaded two live recordings to her Urørt Page!

Performed by the cool cats of Sunday Digestive at Parkteateret the 29th of March!

Link slightly down and to the right.

I was groped by a man with rather familiar features..

Min første solokonsert igår..

1 awesome beatboxer, 1 sturdy keyboard player, 1 vigilant doublebass player, 1 happy singer, 1 sold out venue, 1 heck of an audience, 1 handful of hardworking bartenders, 1 handsome choir on "Turn it off" and a whole lotta peace and love! Here is my internetty thanks to all of these components.

Videosnutter fra konserten kommer straks, og nå som jeg har forsonet meg med min hodepine, setter jeg igang med å glede meg til neste konsert. Oppdateringer kommer!

Have a lo-ve-ly day!

Lucy's one woman show.

So, recently i've been rehearsing an alternative set i can do on me own. Needs tweaking still, as playing the piano and singing at the same time still seems to be alot for my brain to handle. But in time for my one woman show booked for the 18th of May it will all be hunkydory! I have some plans to do some appearences at Bar Boca, the bar, in April. Acoustic sessions with my double bass player, embracing the jazzed up 50's rockabilly-style idealism of the place, i will attempt to keep my repertoar in tune with the interior. Should be fun! Close up and personal, as everything is in a teeny place like Bar Boca.

Concert coming up this Sunday, very excited about that! 19o'clock..ish...


Øving med gjengen idag..

Idag øver vi, Preben på keyboard, Christian på kontrabass, Julian på beatbox og Lucy på nordwave, stortromme, loopstation og vokal. Ser nå at jeg muligens er litt overambisiøs på instrument fronten. Er 1meter59,5cm høy uten bil. Det kan jo bli interessant på trikken det her. Barnevognmødre have got nothing on me!! Jo mer jeg har å bære på, jo mer fremtredende blir martyren i meg, and this girl is prepared to die for her cause. So get out the bloody way public transporters! ..and have a nice day..

I studio idag...

Holder på med innspilling av soloplaten min, funding still unsure.. Fond for lyd og bilde, here's hoping!

Sist gang jeg jobbet i studio spilte vi på kjøkkenet (les gryter og kjeler) på Anytime Soon. Idag har jeg prøvd å skape en "jazz publikum med utrop" feeling på The Little Death, med klapping og noe "heckling" fra "publikum". Don't ya just love quotation marks? Typ, "who's that crazy cool cat?" "..sing it girl!" og "Get off the stage you woman!"

Legger ut snippets av låter og noen bilder fra studio snart!

Take care!

Min egen blogg.

Wonderrrful, I can write what i like! Er for øyeblikket i studio, kommet godt igang, and it's sounding pretty good actually. Holder på med "Endelig ikke røyker". Spammer så mye jeg kan om mitt soloprosjekt. Jobber med flotte folk. Og spiller konsert den 29. mars kl.19 på Parkteateret i Oslo!
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